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Welcome to the new site.

As of June 2008 the site will be embarking on a period of considerable change.  This change has been brought on primarily due to demands of time and a change of philosophy.  I have spend some time viewing other photographers web sites and over a considerable amount of time as well as discussions with other photographers I have  reached an epiphany.

In short, I was spending too much time working on my web site and less time with my camera.  This had to change.  Good photography web sites, in my opinion, are successful due to two main things: Impact and Simplicity.

Simplicity: My previous site was my complete portfolio and though friends and family would find this interesting the amount of work was immense.  The result was that the site would often loose visitors in the navigation structure hence rendering most of the site un-visited.  Related to this and more important for the "professional" side of my photography is the other element which I feel is important, IMPACT. 

My new site will now showcase only a few photos each month in a single photo collage.  In the galleries section past months will be available, but the collage will be all that is available to view.  This should allow me to put up only my absolute favorites from the month.  One caveat is that I will possibly publish photos during a month that were not taken that month... as well I will try to create a few back pages to expand the galleries (in time).  The old site may find its way into a database site and if so I will continue to publish the full portfolio under this area.

I hope you enjoy the new site.  Please feel free to send comments via the contact link above.

Ron Hayes

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