September 16, 2011   

I have been making some minor adjustments to the site to try to get my form to work.  I have also been using my camera as of late and will do my best to work in some updates to the site while at the same time uploading work for Stock.  I have taken a bit of a break with my photography but am now ready to get it going again.  I need to re-invest in a studio setup for at home so that I can get some photos of Nate before he becomes a teenager.  Stay tuned...

More soon.



December 31, 2010

Happy New Year to all!

I have had a busy couple of years with my other work and now will be able to put a bit of time back into photography.  I am hoping that 2011 will offer me some time with the camera and the ability to share it here on the site.

More soon.



March 26, 2010  

Just an update to offer info as to the lack of new content on the site as of late.  It has been a long time since my last update so first off an apology to those of you who visit the site regularly.  Basically we have moved back to Canada after spending 8 years living in Hong Kong and as a result there is allot of stuff and things to take care of on the home front which is not leaving me much time at the moment for photography and editing the site. 

I did manage to get a few days of shooting in during the last 6 or so weeks and will plan to get some updates to the site once I have them worked through and finished.  Being back home is fantastic and I am excited to be able to share it with you here on the site once I get a bit more content.  I am still enjoying the different artistic applications for Infrared and will plan to continue to explore this avenue in the future so stay tuned for some interesting photo work.

We are in the process of getting a boat to explore the area more and I feel strongly that I will be able to see and photograph some amazing areas of the province and hopefully do them some artistic justice... time will tell so please visit the odd time this summer.




July 16, 2009   

Well as I assume most of you can gather time has been very tight as I indicated during my last post in December.  However, my course is finished and I should be able to start working on my photography again bringing it back into fashion.

We have moved from Hong Kong back to Canada and I am planning to explore our "back door" shall we say in an attempt to become more attuned to our country and the beautiful landscape which it presents.  With this my plan is also to take the camera and work nature and landscape photography over the next while.  This will not be the only area where I will be working but it will form the bulk of my camera work hopefully.

July 2008:  I have made one quick update of photos of my son which were taken in 2006, they have been added to July of 2008 as that is the next slot shall we say for photos to be filled into.  I look at these photos now and as a father am deeply moved by them... the pure fragility of a baby is unprecedented in its ability to move a parent.  These times go fast... the innocence and perfection of such a dependent little person in my mind are captured nicely here...

Hopefully time will permit more updates to the site and the addition of "current" work.



December 16, 2008

Time has been a bit tight as of late and as such the updates to the site are few and far between at this moment.  I have finished updating 2007 and have added some galleries to 2008 as well.   

April:  Phuket Thailand - The photos in this collage were taken in Phuket Thailand and as you can see are of a lovely sunset as well as beach shots.  Very beautiful.  The amazing purple sunset is actually natural with the exception of some post production slight increase in saturation to help bring out the colors this photo is as it was on the night and would of looked very similar if shot on Fuji Velva.

May: This is a collage of photos taken for a "Technology Still Life" shoot.  I shot these images for stock but am very happy with all of them from an artistic point of view.  The use of light and the metallic surfaces has created for me a crisp presentation.  

June:  Desert Sand Dunes in Dubai UAE - I took a trip into the local sand dunes on a trip to Dubai to get some shots of the rolling sand.  I went close to dusk to maximize the use of warm and setting sun to enhance the shapes and textures of the desert.

July:  Vancouver Canada and Vancouver Island - The photo of the Totem Poles taken in Vancouver's Stanley Park is one of my favorite photos of the west coast.  The photo was take in color and then enhanced when converted to BW to mimic the appearance of Infrared.  This photo is not true Infrared as are other photos on this site.  I only starting using a specific infrared camera towards the end of 2007.  The photos displayed in January of 2008 are true infrared photos.

September: Tropical Butterflies - These photos were taken actually in two different places but make a nice theme.  Some were taken in Penang Malaysia and the others were taken in Singapore.  Beautiful colors.

October: BC West Coast Nature - Photos taken on Vancouver Island at various places showing the Nature of BC.  Beautiful reflections and forest art.  More to come I am sure.

February 07: A collection of photos taken during a studio shoot with my son and my wife.

March 07: Penang Malaysia - very interesting area of the world a few photos taken.  My favorite here is likely the "Mother Monkey" and her child.  I also like the worn down wall pillar in BW.

December 07: Photos of Dubai, some architecture and some culture.  A very dynamic part of the world pouring money into development to build a platform for the future.  Dubai is very modern.

March 08: Singapore Blue Water - A series of images taken while we visited the Underwater World in Singapore.  Definitely my favorite here is the swirling Jelly Fish with the silhouette of Mother and Son.

April 08:  Singapore Zoo - Taken on the same trip as the Blue Water there are some very unique images in this collage.

June 08:  Canadian Farm Life - Natural photos of the natural world surrounding farms and agriculture in Canada. 

I do hope to update the site on a regular basis but this will be based on the time available.


August 01, 2008

The initial pains of the new site's publication are now for the most part finished and I am now adding content and finishing touches to the new site.  We have developed a custom toolbar which you can (if you wish) install into either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.  The link can be found on the contact page.

As well the feedback form is now working correctly so please feel free to send any feedback on the site which you may have.  Just remember that if you dont include your e-mail I will not be able to get back to you.  Rest assured that your e-mail is completely safe with me.

I hope you like the new site and its content.  Some of the latest content which has been added has in fact been added to 2007.  I am not at this point planning on creating any content back further than 2007 and may not do the full year.



July 30, 2008

Welcome to the new site.  (Which is still currently under initial construction so errors and headaches are apologized for in advance)

It has been developed with impact in mind and simplicity of navigation.  Photographic content on the site will solely be in a "Collage" format where each month I will present one grouping of photos.  This is new to me as any of you who have visited the site before would know.  Previously I have been uploading a large selection of my gallery, including all content and photo shoots.  Now however the one month photo collage is all that will be posted which is new.  This is to reduce my workload and increase my time with the camera and photo - work.... spending less time managing my web site while at the same time presenting a more dynamic and "powerful" experience.

This is the introduction to the new site so the workings are as follows: 
Home - the landing page, this will have rolling collages selected from my favorites and will have some themes to them. 
About - well just a short description of me etc etc...
Blog - .... you are here, self explanatory.
Galleries - here you will get the current month as a landing page and then a navigation structure to take you elsewhere...
Purchase - links to where I have my stock and fine art work for purchase online.
Old Site - just a link to the former site with all of its previous content, family will have to go there to get to the family section.