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(Note: I will not respond to any feedback requests which do not contain relevant information as there is the possibility that the submission was done by a spam robot which is trying to get my e-mail via the return.  Please ensure to add some text if you wish for me to get back to you.)

Update: Sept. 2011  It appears as though this form is not working correctly.  I am working on it with my provider to attempt to correct the issue.  Please note that any feedback which you may have made or contact requests will not have properly come through and as a result I will not be able to reply.  I am unable to provide email as the ROBOTS will get it.  But if you are human then you are able to read.  My contact email is my first name from my domain name.  I am sure that you can recognize that my domain name is my first and last name.  The email which you can contact me at is my first name "at" my domain name.  Sorry to make it so difficult but if I don't I will get spam like you could not believe.


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